Congratulations to 1st Place Winners Rising Sons!

POSTED BY admin IN Announcements @ July 18, 2011 - 11:11 pm

A big thanks to everyone who came out last Saturday night... it was a great turnout, and we had some classic entries.

Congratulations to our First Place winner, Night of the Living by Rising Sons.  A hilarious spoof horror flick...  Well done!

There was a tie for Second Place this month between Throw Away the People by Jake Johnson and Cityscape Escape by Shaun Goo &Eric Butts, and Third Place winner LPN Moreau's Island by J Clyde Swink.

Thanks again to Pabst Blue Ribbon for helping to support the festivities all night long.  Thanks to Cari and her crew at Vignette for providing an awesome Judges Lounge.  And as usual, thanks to Next Door and Chinatown Newspaper.

Keep your eyes on the site... we're currently converting all the films and will be uploading them by the end of the weekend if all goes well.  Then you can start voting on your favorite films from now till the next Showdown in Chinatown.  We'll send out an announcement to all the filmmakers...

Congratulations also to this month's Audience Choice Award winners!

  • 1st Place - Peace of Terror by Rising Sons
  • 2nd Place - The Psycle by David & Ryan Richardson, Vincent Ricafort
  • 3rd Place - Spork Instinct by Evan Loney with BotoBoy Films

The next Showdown in Chinatown film challenge is September 17th... but we've got a special event coming up next month in conjunction with Outlaw Agency.  We'll be making an announcement with all the details in the next few days.  So keep an eye out for that...