May 2012 15 Day Film Challenge

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The May Challenge Was Announced Friday May 4th

12 Noon On The Honolulu PULSE Website or 5pm Showdown In Chinatown Outlets

Summer is fast approaching and.... oh wait... it’s ALWAYS summer here.  In any case, May is upon us, which means Showdown in Chinatown is back in action, and action is what it’s all about this month.
We’re teaming up with the local brand In4mation to bring you a special challenge and a special opportunity.  In addition to the regular Showdown in Chinatown Main Event, where the films will be premiered on the big screen and judged, one of the top three films will be selected to win a $1,000 plus contract with Casio G-Shock.  What exactly does this entail?  Needless to say, it’s a great opportunity for aspiring filmmakers.
The Challenge:
To write, shoot, and edit a 7 minute or less short film that revolves around the subject of Extreme Island Sports and the Lifestyle that goes along with it.  Keep in mind, while your film may go on to commercial use, we’re looking for something a little more on the artsy side of things.  So don’t feel like you need to create a high budget surf flick to turn heads and raise eyebrows.  This is about being creative, innovative, and visually compelling.
Theme: Extreme Island Sports (Surf & Skate Lifestyle)
Topic: A day in the life...
Props: A Casio G-Shock watch and In4mation apparel (both to be provided by In4mation... these are just loaners... sorry guys!)
Line of Dialog: “You won’t get another chance like that.”
Additional Requirements: Your film must adhere to current copyright laws.  For a good rule of thumb, take a look at the posting requirements for Youtube.  All original music or music used with permissions.  No logo shirts.  To borrow the props, filmmakers will need to head down to Human Imagination (HI) at 1154 Nu’uanu Street to sign-up for a time slot.... or call (808) 538-8898 between 11AM-8PM.  There’s a limited selection, so filmmakers will each get an equally allotted amount of time with the props.  You’ll need to coordinate your shooting with their availability, so it’s best to sign up early so you can get the time you want.
Once you have your film ready, we’re doing things a little different this month.  Instead of burning your film onto a DVD Format, you can bring a digital file down on a thumb drive or DVD as an uncompressed quicktime file. Films are due Friday May 18th at 47 N Hotel Street from 5-8PM.
On the day of the Main Event, Saturday May 19th, we’ll select the top 12 short films, which will premiere on the big screen.  Be sure to arrive early for a good seat… we fill up fast.  The films are scored by a panel of three judges. These judges range from figureheads in the film industry, national celebrities and local personalities to media analysts and journalists.  First place goes home with a cash prize and stellar bragging rights.
The top 3 go on to be submitted to In4mation to determine who will be awarded the $1,000 plus a contract for the next Casio G-Shock Ad-Spot. The winning team will be announced at the FIND ART Festival VIP Party at Bar 35 on Friday June 29th, 2012.
Films are due Friday May 18th, between 5PM and 8PM at 47 Hotel St... Map It!   So you've got 15day to get it together.  Films should be 7 minutes or less, and this month we are requiring all teams have an original music sound track as well as abiding by the copyrighting laws.   Not sure what this entails?  Here's a good rule of thumb to follow. For more details on how the challenge works, click here.

Doors open at 8pm... Films start screening at or around 8:30  ... So Arrive Early and get your seats!!

There you have it.  Happy shooting!  See you at the Main Event...

Saturday May 19th at NextDoor, 43 N. Hotel Street